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January 1, 2008 -- For us, it began with an email from a former Oregon resident, our Berlin Bureau Chief, Tom Lipscomb.  That message is reproduced, below.  To read the complete Kelpie Wilson column, use the "O little town" link.

Date:  Tue, 1 Jan 2008 15:49:05 -0500 
From:  <tomlipscomb@mindspring.com> 

Re: O Little Town in Oregon by Kelpie Wilson | 

Truthout's Environmental Editor Kelpie Wilson describes how a small town in the state of Oregon, desperate to raise much needed funding is "casting their lot with the Bush administration by supporting what locals call 'the Whopper.'

The 'Whopper' goes back to 2003, when the Bush administration decided not to fight a timber industry case against the Northwest Forest Plan. Even though the timber industry's case was seen as weak and headed for defeat in court, the federal government settled it by agreeing to a new forest plan for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands in Oregon.  The new plan is called the Western Oregon Plan Revisions (WOPR), aka, 'the Whopper.'"

It's for the children

So, once more, we have an Oregon "environmentalist" who opposes people with money, private industry and the harvesting of crops.  If you clicked on the link, you were assulted with the now standard excuse for damn near every ridiculous liberal idea that comes down the pike -- the children.

Her column stinks of it.

With respect to her concern for the streams, we recall the "environmentalist demands," subsequently turned into law by regulation, which required logging companies to remove the slash (parts of trees left after clearcutting) from the streams adjacent to logging sites.

If you look at streams in old growth stands, you will see that they are littered with fallen limbs, tree trunks that tipped over in a windstorm and rotted away, bird nests that were in the trees and so on.  That is nature's way.  The fish in Oregon streams evolved in this environment.  They flourished in it. (Graphic is a coastal cutthroat trout which is found in many of the streams in question. Present day large scale logging practices, even on tree farms, are designed to protect them, not wipe them out.)

Why, then, did the "environmentalist"  protections harm the fish populations?  Because the litter provided protection from predators and heavy currents for the hatchlings of those fish's eggs.  When the "environmentalists," unhappy about the appearance of such things, demanded that the logging slash be removed, and the liberals' politicians made that a requirement, the little fish began to die.

Logging slash or old growth wind and snow damage and age-decay, the results were the same.  The little fish had a safe place to live.  Along came the Kelpie Wilsons of the Left Coast, and it's adios to entire stream populations.

Think about it.  Compare it to Lyndon Johnson's Great Society.  After trillions of dollars in social welfare programs initiated decades ago, how are things going in the poorer sections of our cities?  Are the poor gone?  Is crime gone?  Is the illegitimate birth rate down?  Is drug use down?

We have the figures, but you can google them up for yourself, not that you need to.  If you have a working brain, you already know the answer to those questions.

"Modern" environmentalism = liberalism = socialism

Anything, repeat anything, a socialist touches eventually reduces your freedoms, harms the economy and increases taxes.  Much of what they get the power to do produces exactly the opposite of what they said it would. Socialized medicine has (or is in the process of doing it) created substandard medical care in every nation it has bankrupted is or about to bankrupt.  Forget the mass slaughters of Stalin and Pol Pot.  Just look at the economics.  The Soviet Union wasn't defeated in war.  It went broke.  The taxies in downtown Havana are fifty year old cars.  The people of North Korea are starving.  China avoided another revolution by doing a complete economic reversal and introducing capitalism into the picture.

That isn't what Marx and his pals said would happen.  It's what happened.  Power to the people?  Which people?  What kind of power?  The Kelpie Wilson kind of power, where government controls the economy? 

"But," you say, "listen to what she says about the children.  She has the best of intentions."

Good intentions must be watched carefully, folks.  The road to Hell is paved with them.  Social welfare programs are created with the best of intentions  and communities turn into crime-ridden, dirty, poverty pockets with rising illegitimacy rates.  Environmentalists clean up the streams, and all the little fish die.  We've used this reference before -- an elder of Oregon's Umatilla tribe said in a television interview: "We were wrong to take money from the white man.  It stole our pride."

Amen, brother.  Money you are handed isn't as valuable as money you earned.  A home you are given doesn't need the upkeep of a home you pay for out of your own sweat.

Trees, it turns out, are probably plants

Kelpie Wilson, the "environmentalist" at issue here, complains that children come to school without breakfast, and the libraries are shutting down for lack of funding?

Douglas Fir timberlands are the most productive softwood timberlands' in the U.S. in terms of volume per acre. (Hotlink to photo's WWPA page.)

Honest to God Almighty, can she not see the obvious answer to her problem?  Trees are a renewable resource.  A damned crop!!!  The fastest growth period for a Douglas Fir is its first thirty years of life, which means that unlike old growth, you don't have to wait three hundred years until they fall over, themselves. 

Oregon public and private timberlands cover a geographic area big enough to hold, what, a dozen Rhode Islands?  More?  If we don't lock them up in some socialistic utopian Left Coast tree-hugging Jurassic park, they can be turned into fat profits for evil, greedy capitalist pig timber companies -- which means jobs for everybody in her economically depressed Oregon county!!!  (And, as a direct result  -- without raising tax rates at all -- tons of revenues to local governments for schools and roads and breakfasts and libraries.).

But, her solution is to shut down the traditional economy, put everybody out of work and then raise their taxes?  The whopper here is the one that Kelpie Wilson, and her legion of Oregon Leftist "environmentalists" are telling.


Lipscomb's essay on this subject: Environmentalists and  the Environment

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