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The Tea Parties vs. the Invisible Crown

What the Hell is Going On?  Why is the U.S. so "divided? Beck says this is a George Soros conspiracy.  The Dems say the Pubbies are protecting the super-rich, and Progressives are the only defense of the workers.

There's something screwy, here. Obama's Treasury is printing paper money by the shipload while China is buying every ounce of gold in sight?  Obama's Justice Dept. is dropping cases against voting precinct Panther thugs, Obama's Congress is fighting to cause the largest tax increase in history and the FDA can force-feed you a lame duck?

A voter in Rio Linda, CA:  "I don't get it.  Why can't they all just get along?"

Here's why:
Karl Marx said, "Everything is political."
December, 2010 -- That's it.  The entire present-day nation described in three words.  It's a clear explanation for what just happened in the mid-term elections:  All those different new Senators.  All those different new Representatives whose total actually was enough to take over that house of Congress.  All those new governors.  All those new state legislatures.

A Tea Party tsunami drenched the nation from sea to shining sea.  It washed the liberals out to sea, in fact.  Not all of them, of course.  The ones who are left are making many explanations about how it wasn't their fault -- except that they had been unable to communicate the spring-like beauty of their approach to things to the voters.  In private, they are saying that you are stupid, but publicly, they describe you as well-meaning people who have yet to understand that all they wish is to make your life better.  Take care of you. Pay your bills. Feed you.  Provide you with free transportation, free medical care, free everything.

The price?  Just all of your freedom and most of your money.

The Tea Parties say that one of the secrets to the United States is that for most of its existence, citizens took care of themselves, and where necessary, their relatives, neighbors and friends.

Theory One and Theory Two

Those  are your choices.  Freedom or a government-managed life.  I run into people in Oregon who think I am simplifying things too much.  It is possible, they say, to "compromise" among the viewpoints.  I say, well there are things which offer compromise, and other things which do not.  For example, it is difficult to compromise between being pregnant and not being pregnant.  Between pulling a trigger or not pulling a trigger.  Given a choice between watching  all of their children die or none of their children die, I find it unlikely that the compromisers would go for a deal.    Your choice, here, is government which only has the power you give it, or citizens which only have the freedoms government chooses to give them.

Marx, being an intellectual, was an extreme mental case.  He just reeked with superiority.  The Tea Party folks don't reek with anything, except freedom to mind their own business.  They often shower and don't want power over anybody, except themselves.  For company on the journey, I choose the latter.  Freedom, said the hippie song, is just another word for nothing left to lose.  But, all hippies were juvenile-minded Marxist dupes. Stalin said that students were perfect Marxist tools.  So, what's the truth?  Here it is: freedom is actually just another word for few limits on your life.

And, limits are the central issue here.

 Which side offers the most and which side offers the least?

Ready?  In terms of constantly increasing limitations vs. freedom, the American Left's agenda is socialist in nature.  So, is there a way to describe this socialism stuff in terms so clear that even we the people can understand what it's all about?  Yup.  Socialism (Communism/Fascism) can be explained in one sentence.  Here we go.

Socialism/communism/fascism is just another word for monarchy.

<<<<<<  Traditional crown

The proof is in the royal historical  pudding.  A king could point at anybody and say, "Kill him."  Presto, one dead person.  A dear socialist/communist/fascist leader (Kim Jong Il, Fidel Castro, or your average South American, African or Asian dictator) can do the same thing, today.  

The President of the United States can't do that.  Not very often, or in public, anyway, which dramatically reduces the political road kill numbers.  Monarchs, however, have slaughtered their opponents for millennia.  Not the modern kind, like Queen Elizabeth and Prince Cuthbert.  But the old ones could, and did.  So, you look around and say, "Who on the planet in these
modern times acts like one of those old kings or emperors?  Who can kill somebody they don't like with their finger, in the light of day, and not even be charged with a crime?"

<<<<<  Socialist/Communis/Fascist crown

Stalin, Hitler and Mao were that kind of monarchs.  People who openly opposed or criticized them disappeared.  The world today has hundreds of "leaders" who have that kind of power because they wear the invisible crown..

Now, you know the meat of the matter.  Liberal Progressive Left-wing socialist/communist/fascist types want power over the resources and lives of the citizens.  They point and he's gone.  They point and your career takes place on a state farm instead of in the room of your dreams.  They point and you do what you're told, period. Their fundamental law is that power is like a convertible on a lovely summer evening -- top down.  Right-wing Tea Party Conservative types want the power going the other way -- from the bottom up.

A matter of time

Another difference between the two sides is tenure and the transfer of power.

In a monarchy, it's about blood, or deep political ties.  The king has total power as long as he lives.  When he dies, the power transfers to his eldest male son, his daughter if he doesn't have a son, or to whoever is chosen (in conference or by blood combat) by the blue bloods (dukes, barons, etc.) of the country.  The untitled people, usually called "serfs," have nothing to say about such things -- unless they own a guillotine, and catch the castle guards with their pants down. 

Power change is happening in North Korea, today.  Guess who the next leader of that nation will be?  (The son of the "dear leader")    Guess how many of the citizens got to vote for or against their next lifetime "dear leader?" (Zero.)  If there hadn't been a son, how many of the citizens of North Korea would see a ballot offering a "dear leader"  who wasn't a lock-step proponent of the dead dear leader's policies? 


I repeat.  Socialism/communism/fascism (or as Hitler called it: "National Socialism") is precisely the same kind of government as a monarchy.  The king is the "state."  The king's decision is the Law. The state owns everything and everybody.  Anybody who disagrees out loud will be whipped, jailed, deported or executed. 
The difference between socialism/communism/fascism and the classical monarchy is merely the clothes they wear.  There are no other differences.  Both are about the same thing. Centralized power.

The political drift of the United States of America for many decades has been in the direction of more and more centralization of power at the federal level.  That is why people say that Obama and the Progressives are leading the nation toward socialism.  But, we're not quite there, yet.

The vote is the key

. Until they can -- like the "card check" union leaders want to do -- station armed thugs at the voting booth (like the Black Panthers in front of the voting precinct) -- so that if people wish to return home alive they must mark the ballot as instructed, you do not have an actual socialist/communist/fascist state.

In socialist Venezuela's upcoming elections, there will be only one real choice for national leader.  If there is another name on the ballot, and some people check that one, they will disappear into an agricultural commune and the ballot will be mysteriously lost. In Communist North Korea's next election, same thing.  In Fascist Germany's final election, ditto.  It is happening, and has been happening, around the world, for decades.

The American Left didn't like the loss of power they suffered in the last election.  Socialist/communist/fascist Progressives never do.  It means they have not moved the nation towards a people's Eden of justice where all wealth and (hidden) opulence is held in trust for the citizenry by their dear leaders.  Rome's Nero, Vlad the Impaler, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Castro -- name your monarch or socialist/communist/fascist leader.  There is, other than the outer visual appearances of office (clothing, gilded coaches, etc.) no difference from the historical monarchy, at all.

Once you have seen that, you need grasp only one more basic premise in order to defend yourself, your family, your neighbors and your friends.

How they're doing it

To a Lefty, as Marx said, "Everything is political."  That means, a potential political tool.

   Remember this, if nothing else, from the text, here.  Freedom is a meatball.  It's made of chunks of delicious things, all rolled into something that tastes great with gravy.  The minute a bureaucrat can order you to stop doing something everybody used to do, like driving your own car to work, they've got another piece of your freedom.  The minute that a bureaucrat can force you and your neighbors to pay for something most, or all, of you don't want -- like schools that don't work, or a health insurance program you think is junk -- you've lost a piece of your freedom.  After that sort of thing has happened a hundred times, you have lost a hundred pieces of your meatball.  Depending on the original size of the ball, you have either an empty plate or just some crumbs left to eat.

In short, there are two ways to take over a country.  Armed revolution or slowly, piece by piece.

Some things, you must be denied by bureaucrats.  Shooting your neighbor because you don't like his looks, for example.  Most of the rest should not be the business of bureaucrats.  Whether or not you choose to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.  Whether or not you vote.  Whether or not you want to buy health insurance. 

Their premise is always, "This is better for you because it is better for society.  It lowers risk, makes life safer."   Followed to its inevitable conclusion, you can "safe" a nation to death.  The only way to eliminate risk is to eliminate freedom.  Except for incoming meteors and other natural disasters, the safest place to be is in a cell.

The U.S. Constitution was created to deny government the power to take every single chunk of your meatball of freedom from you. 

Socialism/communism/fascism, like the kings of old, is designed to allow the bureaucrats to take everything you own, and after that tell you what to do, how to do it and when you better do it if you know what's good for you.

Armed revolution won't work here, at present.  Because of the 2nd Amendment, America is chock full of armed citizens.  (Though, not as many in terms of percentages as Switzerland, where every adult (probably male) citizen has for centuries been automatically registered as a member of the military, and must by law keep a combat weapon at their place of residence.) So, it's a piece at a time for the "Progressives" here in the United States, friend.  That's what they've been doing. Taking your freedom chunk by chunk. Here are a few specific examples.

The Green Revolution ...  
A basically decent idea if managed with common sense, it has, right here in Oregon, become a tool for eco-socialists.  Do you need to make people gradually more dependent on the government to eventually achieve your goal?  Well, take down their private capitalist company jobs any way you can.  People who don't work for the government aren't totally dependent on the government.

There are many ways to attack non-government jobs.  One of the possible weapons available to eco-socialists in Oregon would be the lavender burping frog, which lives in the tiny stream next to the sawmill that provides all the private industry jobs in an Oregon town.  Set up the EPA to protect nature, then file a complaint against the sawmill -- and for years the jobs will stop while the courts sort things out.  With no income, the owners of the sawmill say to hell with it and retire to Florida.  With no income, the workers in the sawmill must go on unemployment, then welfare and food stamps.

You have slaughtered a capitalist and expanded dependency on government with one single burping frog.  Eco-socialism.  it's going on around you this very day.

A Lizard from West Texas

It works on the large scale, as well.   For example, there have been somewhere between 10 and 20 major ice ages.  The last one ended some eight or ten thousand years, ago give or take a millennium or two.  Every single one of them ended because of global warming.  God did not create gasoline engines, factory smokestacks or Big Macs a half a million years, ago, so every one of those previous global warming periods was caused by something other than human consumerism and industry.  But, for Lefty political reasons, this current umpteenth global warming on Earth can be blamed on things which will hurt free market capitalism, and so the general economy.  The path to a socialist America is the destruction of capitalism. Good times are bad times, and must be stopped.

We, the future Progressive kings of Earth, must achieve economic chaos to get the New World Order we want. 

You didn't learn any of this in school?  Why?  Well, if you can keep the people ignorant by way of lies of co mission or omission in schools, the media and government statements, you can use any event to increase your power over them.  Disasters are best, of course, but If something actually isn't a disaster, and you can convince people that it is one, you have another tool.  Your foot is farther in the political power doorway.  Ask Saul Alinsky.  Ask Rahm E.

Unwed Mother rates in Chicago ... 
go from 18% to 80% in less than two decades after President Lyndon Johnson and the Democrats (and RINO pubbies) instigated the "Great Society."  Cultural effects are dramatic, and terrible. Hide the curious time connection.  Seize the disaster and blame it on the rich white man.  Take their money and give it to people who will then vote for you.  Keep the Hood down, and dependent.  Redefine the meaning of "rich" so that you can dig down the tax brackets and Robin Hood those people, too.  Rich must mean less income than it once did if government is to get more power.

People can feed themselves and buy a car and a home?  They are not dependent on the government?  This is a loss of power, and a danger to the coming social monarchy !! 

We must weaken the economy... 

so that they are forced to come to the government !!  We will promise not to enlarge the national debt, then enlarge the national debt.  We will promise to not monetize the debt, then we will monetize the debt.  We will print paper dollars at the Treasury -- millions upon millions of them.  We will devalue the dollar, which will raise prices.  Next, we will tie certain people's income to inflation numbers to protect them.  Who shall we protect?  Government and union payments will have cost of living (COLA) stipulations, except for certain groups, like the elderly, who of late have turned against us..  The good voters' salaries or payments must go up with higher prices.  But, in the private, capitalist sectors? People's salaries must not keep up with inflation.  As each dollar is worth less in actual purchasing power, their cost of living must rise.  Each month they will come closer to financial difficulty and disaster.  Soon, they will need help from the government.  Soon after that we will own them.  They will have to do what we say in order to feed and house their children.

Power !!  We have power !!

 It is like a narcotic.  It makes us want ever more power !!

We will protect big non-government unions in other ways, too.  Attaching their contract  agreements with corporate management to the Minimum Wage was a wonderful idea.  Every time we compassionately raise the pay of summer teenaged hamburger stand employees, our big-union voting base gets an automatic raise, too.  Their gratitude has been expressed in gigantic blocks of votes, and some of the largest  campaign donations for our candidates in American history

We will give them the power to destroy private industry.  A great many union workers, like so many of the young, are idiots.  All they see is what is on their plate.  The size of their salary.  The amount of their benefits.  They will be perfect tools.  They will not realize they are cutting their own throats.  When they have driven manufacturing out of business or to our brother communists in China, they will have no high-paying manufacturing jobs to go to in America, which means that without government protection or subsidies they can't afford to buy a home.  Or a car. 

No more two car garages in ranch style homes.  We've been making fine "progress" with ever-higher property taxes that can be utilized to finance ever more socialist schools -- and with ever more restrictive "green" construction regulations that are raising the price of new homes. But, there's opportunity, here, still.   A rapidly deciining home building sector is not enough.  We must drive the construction sector to its knees.  And the food industry, too.  And the furniture industry, the clothing industry -- every industry in the nation.  We'll damage, reduce or even destroy them all.  Welfare will become the largest industry in the nation.  Then, when food prices go sky high, and farm incomes go up, the change in income brackets will allow us to tax the farmers into bankruptcy.  Food production will go down !!  Food prices will soar even more !!  Food stamp numbers will go up and up !!

That's the Cloward and Pivens ticket.  If we don't get a disaster from nature, we must create our own disasters !! 

Once everything is a disaster, and our schools and press have convinced the people they can't do anything about it, themselves, we have control of the masses. (This is why we must not allow school vouchers.  This Is why we must get rid of the FOX network, Rush Limbaugh and Oregon Magazine.  They do not follow the Progressive party line.)

There's a national egg problem because twenty people got some bad ones from a big farm in the mid-west?  Sure, it's rare in America, which compared to other nations has the best food supply on the planet.  But, this is an opportunity which must not be missed.  Declare a disaster, then pass a new "safe food" bill, giving the appropriate government bureaucracy dramatically increased new powers.  Pass the bill during the lame duck session, before the new Tea Party types are sworn in this coming January, and can block the legislation in the House.  Raising taxes on private corporations may be one of the best ways to damage their investors and raise
the prices on the products and services they provide, but this gets the government all the way into every citizen's refrigerator and kitchen cabinets.  Power over the People !!

 Once we have every aspect of life regulated by a bureaucracy, we have destroyed the private  economy.  Ripped the very guts from capitalism.  We can put them all in public housing and take them to their government-selected job sites in mass transit, and give them Mao caps to wear as they sing songs of praise to us while kissing our hands and other body parts.

It's a matter of "rights"

It's not happening, you say?  None of this is going on?  Tell that to the Tea Parties. It's been happening around you all your life -- piece by piece, regulation by regulation, subsidy by subsidy.  As the Chinese say, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  America is damn near halfway to the desired socialist/communist/fascist  destination. They've done a fine job of hiding their purpose beneath "compassion," "fairness" and "justice."

That was the case until November of 2010, anyway.  What fun that was.  What fun is on the way.  Thank God for the Tea Parties. They know who drove the car into the ditch.  Last month, they grabbed the steering wheel and started turning America to the right.  If they keep fighting as I suspect they will, your children's children will breathe free air in a debt-free, prosperous nation.  Their opportunities will be limited only by their energy, luck and drive.  Their creations will amaze the ages.

Their international enemies will think twice about threatening them. 


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