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Rush Limbaugh and the
Senate Letter Donnybrook

October 21, 2007 – I am absolutely certain that, as usual, most of the citizens of my beloved state haven’t the faintest idea what actually happened.  I am also absolutely certain as to why that is – namely that this incredible, titanic ignorance on their part is due to their compassion.

If you are a liberal, I'm talking about your kind of compassion.

You are a liberal because of your emotional interpretation of the concept   Roughly 99% of the media performers who make your newspapers, radio break, magazine and television news share this interpretation,  Some 99% of the teachers in your elementary, secondary, junior highschools, senior highschools and institutions of "higher" learning (colleges and universities) in this state share it, as well.  A majority of those you have elected to run the majority of your government bodies are in there, believing the same thing.  It is like the Black Plague.  Damn near everybody here has it.

Since by definition Oregon liberals haven’t the faintest idea what I’m talking about, I will explain.

A female liberal once told me that as a conservative I had no compassion.  I told her that she didn't know the meaning of the word.  Compassion, I told her, was when I took money out of my wallet and gave it to somebody I thought could use some help.  It was not when she took money out of my wallet and gave it to somebody she wanted to help

The key is just whose money you are handing out.  If you're not handing out your own money, the act contains only plastic compassion.  In the more simple-minded, it's a feelgood move.  Adult professional liberals, however,  are shopping for votes.

Just a few days ago, the number one guy in the United States Senate, a man from Nevada who is in charge of the greatest public deliberative body in the history of this planet – a man who is Constitutionally a car collision away from the Presidency – wrote, and joined by a few dozen liberal senators including a female senator who is running for the presidential nomination of the Democrats, signed then sent a letter to Rush Limbaugh's syndication partner.  This business associate, if memory serves is named: "Mays."

Most Oregon liberals -- which means most Oregonians -- have never listened to Limbaugh, whose morning program is on stations all over the state, including KEX 1190 AM in Portland ( from 9:00 in the morning to noon, weekdays, with a repeat of the Friday show at the same time on Sunday ). 

Why not?  Because it wasn't necessary. 

Without ever hearing a single word uttered from his mouth, liberals knew  what he was up to, and knew that it didn’t contain an iota of compassion.  How did they come up with that conclusion?  They were told what to think by the people who do their thinking for them -- the big media types, a massive majority of the Beaver State's teachers, their friends, fellow workers and most of the politicians, local, statewide and national, they  elected to public office. 

That is a key difference between a liberal and a conservative.  Conservatives have conservative opinion leaders, but don't automatically accept what they're told by these people.  They look into these matters for themselves.  A liberal, however, does not have the tools to do that.  It isn't that they lack the mental capability.  It's that they lack the skills.

A liberal, or "progressive," education teaches one what to think, not how to think. 

Here  is the truth about Limbaugh.  You have not seen it or heard it from the state’s journalists of record.  It has not been said by the state’s political leaders of record.  It has not been exposed by the state’s business leaders of record, or by the state’s educational leaders of record.  The silence about it is deafening.

Phony soldiers


There are frauds in America.  Some of them claim to have been soldiers, in combat, when they didn’t even make it through basic training.  Others who did make it through basic training had jobs which involved the delivery of, oh, fighter jets to Air Force bases where actual combat pilots would then climb in and go out and fight. The "combat veterans" in question, here, have themselves never taken hostile fire.  That means they have no right to portray themselves as they have been doing.

Some of the frauds we’re talking about have of late in America been claiming – trumpeting – that they are against Mr. Bush’s war, and have been mis-treated, suppressed, ignored by the forces of evil, led by Mr. Limbaugh and his ilk -- the conservative media of this nation.  Claiming to represent the bulk of current ground forces military opinion, these frauds have been presented by this nation’s major media, and by this nation’s major Congressional political bosses as victims. People with duct tape over their mouths, unable to speak the truth over the billion decible voice of the evil Bush administration and the evil conservatives.

That's right.  The "evidence" of the "military" charges against Limbaugh - and by association, President Bush -- came from outright liars.  People who are not what they say they are -- and never have been. Outright phonies. It's in the records.  Proof that would be accepted by a court of law.

For the liberals, I’ll simplify the above.  The liberals who control the national legislature, a place called "Congress," have been working to destroy America’s national defense capability --  specifically so that we'll lose every war (including the ones they, themselves start, as in Vietnam !!)  These complaining liberal political leaders have been holding up, as proof of their criticisms of (1) Bush policy and (2) the fictional behavior of frontline combat units, combat veterens who never spent a day in combat

The beginning of the ruse

A short while back, Rush Limbaugh read a print media report on the subject.  This text contained the words "phony soldiers."   When you read something on a radio show, that means you speak the words.  Reading the text without speaking the words creates what is known as "dead air."  Silence, in other words.  People don’t turn on the radio to listen to silence.  They turn the radio off to listen to silence. Rush read the words out loud.  I heard him do it. 

Within days of the reading of this text, a Hillary Clinton political front organization, Media Matters, took the words and ran with them.  They attributed the words directly to Limbaugh.  The big American media, proven by this event to be the liberal camp followers that conservatives have called them for years, swallowed the story and vomited it out all across the nation  Rush Limbaugh  was calling combat troops who spoke out against Mr. Bush’s war "phony soldiers."

Mr. Reid, the senator from Nevada who runs the U.S. Senate, and is a thump and a crunch from living in the White House, stood on the floor of the Senate and harrumphed out his shock at the un-patriotism of Limbaugh.  Next, Reid harrumphed out a letter to Limbaugh’s syndication partner, expressing shock that such an un-patriotic American huckster could have a national pulpit from which to preach his lies.

The letter was signed by 40+ Democrat senators.  No Republicans -- not even a New England RINO pubby signed it. Some of the Democrats who did would just love to be President of these United  States.  Why, then, did they use their powerful positions to try to bully a private citizen?  Because he is a threat to to them.  His audience is the largest such audience on the planet.  Rush tells his audience things which the Democrats and their fellow-travelling RINOs don't want them to know.

Their chances to hold on to the power they have -- and to add to it -- would be better if they could control who does and who doesn’t have free speech rights in America.  Except for FOX and the conservative media (like this one) the American press joined the Left, here, and piled on.

How did Rush react?

His syndicate partner gave Rush the letter that the Senate Democrats gave him.  Rush put it up for auction on the internet, committing to a match of the final figure from his own bank account – all proceeds from the sale to go to a foundation (known as the "Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation") which, among other things, provides a free college education to the children of soldiers killed in combat.  Limbaugh has been a big contributor to that group for a long time.  Next, Limbaugh challenged the signers of that letter (Senators all, and mostly multi-millionaires) to join him by matching the final auction amount with personal donations of their own.

How did Senator Reid react?

As the bids rose into millions of dollars, Reid's fellow travelers  (the Democrats, the "educators," Media Matters and all the major networks, newspapers and magazines in America) began to realize that their stupidity (or outright lie) had been exposed. Reid tried to cover over what was clearly an abuse of power.  (The U.S. Constitution is there, among other reasons, to protect you, the private citizen, from your own government.) What was extraordinary about Reid's technique, once he realized the bird (the truth) was out of the cage, was that he tried to take credit  for the auction. 

The appropriate colloquial descriptive maxim in this case refers to the reproductive organs of a male monkey made from brass.  I cannot recall which dictator said that if you tell a big enough lie, the public will believe you.

Specifically for Oregon liberals,  here is what you just read.  The people who since the Vietnam War have been spitting on soldiers claimed that Rush Limbaugh had just spat on soldiers -- but they got caught making that lie by the man who was their target.  Mr. Reid, his poll ratings dropping into the cellar in his home state because the mainstream media is no longer the only source of news in America, himself dropped into the gear beloved by all liberals.  The big lie gear. 

There Senator Reid was, with the trappings of the U.S. Senate all around him, claiming that the amount of money in the form of auction bids during  his attempt to run free speech out of town was far more than "we" had hoped.  The final amount was in the millions. Reid was trying to horn in on the credit for it !!!

Those Americans who can still think stared at Reid standing there and  wondered just who the hell "we" was.  Reid and the other Democrat signatories?  Reid, the signatories and Rush? 

Earth calling Oregon

The thing about elections is that they decide whose ideas are going to win.  If the ideas of the winners are ideological fish bait (stuff that looks yummy but has a barbed hook hidden inside), then a state, any state of any size, anywhere, any time, is in trouble.

Rush Limbaugh isn’t un-patriotic.  The people calling him that are.  Measure 37 wasn’t an attempt to turn Oregon into a shopping center parking lot, yet Measure 49, proponents of which include all the major media, "educators," liberal politicians, bureaucrats and environmental organizations in the state, is designed to fix that problem.  (Fix a problem that isn't there.)  That's the bait.  Yummy statements like green and compassionate and the children

What 49 is actually there to fix (the barbed hook hidden in the bait)  is what  Measure 37 did.  It retarded, slowed down, the gradual government takeover of private property in this state.  The liberals don't want that to stay fixed.

Turn off the autopilot in your head

There are principals involved, here.

The mayor of Portland wanted to spend millions of dollars for a job center for illegal aliens?  The supporters of Measure 50 want to put a cigarette tax in the state constitution because they couldn't just vote it in the normal way? They couldn't get the state constitution's requred 60% majority for such things out of a vote in a legislative session, so, they pull a fast one and put the tax in a constitutional amendment?  To provide health care (socialized medicine)  for whose children?  You get one guess. 

Gasoline taxes are used to build bike lanes in Oregon?  Government makes more money from a gallon of gasoline than the oil companies do?  That senator from Idaho is dogmeat for tapping his foot in a public restroom, and Barney Frank’s gay "house spouse" runs a homosexual prostitution operation in Barney’s basement - and Mr. Frank of the same U.S. Congress as the Idaho senator is respected and honored by the mainstream media and the Left?    A man buys a piece of property in Oregon because  the rules will let him build a duplex on it, then after he has signed the papers the bureaucrats change the rules so that his investment, often his retirement plan, becomes an anvil hung around his neck?  All of these frauds perpetrated under the guise of noble-sounding concepts like "equal rights,"  "protecting the environment" and "for the children?"

What we do at Oregon Magazine is call these manipulators on the carpet for their "compassionately cloaked" attempts to slowly, day by day, year by year gain ever increasing control over you, your property, your paycheck and your life.  That is exactly what Rush Limbaugh does on the national level, and was doing when he read that article on his program.  Oregon liberals hate us for doing it here, and all American liberals hate Rush for doing it in every nook and cranny of this nation.

The mind game

There is no such thing as a Rush Limbaugh who tells lies about combat soldiers. Only liberals tell lies about soldiers.  The claim by Media Matters, the Clintons, over half the people in Congress, the evening news kings and queens and almost every major newspaper in America were believed by most of the people in Portland and Eugene, Oregon because to a liberal the statement was proof of the statement. 

A liberal statement is its own proof.  No substantiation of the claim is necessary.  If a liberal source  makes a statement, it is like a report in a media outlet in  North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela or the old Soviet Union. Not only is no further confirmation necessary, but in those places where the final nail of the socialists has been put in the free speech and free press coffin lid, it isn’t even legal to bring up the question.  You can go to jail for questioning such statements, even if you have proof that said statements are false.

Even if the liberal says rainwater runs uphill, Oregon liberals say it is a fact, because a fact is a statement by a liberal. Even when they know that rainwater doesn't run uphill, they understand that to reach their goals they must defend the statement publicly, because the statement, even if it is false, is part of a necessary series of steps.  Lies on behalf of their noble objectives are necessary at times so that the people will vote for the correct leaders. 

LBJ said the Great Society would lift minorities from lives of failure, and a trillion dollars later, the illegitimacy rate in Chicago's black areas has gone from 18% to 80%. So what?  If the actual numbers don't match what the liberals said they would be, then the numbers are either manufactured out of whole cloth or irrelevant.

And, the people who locate those numbers and speak out about them?

That's what this business about Limbaugh illustrates.  They can't put him in an American Gulag for doing what he does.  Not yet, anyway. One of the things liberals work for, and have already partly accomplished in this nation, is the ability to punish people who publicly disagree with them.  That is what political correctness is all about, and that was what the letter from the United States Senate was about.  That is what Hollywood is about.  That is what your universities are about.  That, if you elected liberals, is what your city, county and state governments are about.

Conservative lack compassion.  All they care about is money.

 There is no such thing as a  conservative who doesn’t believe in equal rights, protecting the environment and taking good care of kids.  Famous liberal themes.  The secret here is that for a liberal, these concepts are tools to power.  Bait with a hook inside to get simpletons to buy the rope needed for their own hanging.  The last thing a liberal wants is a public description of what actually happens as a result of their programs and regulations.  In part, this has to do with the fact that their philosophies don't deliver the goods  More deeply, it has to do with the fact that if some of these programs worked, they'd be out of a job and out of power

Poverty, for example.  The "compassionate" liberal approaches don't eliminate it. They sustain it -- even promote it.  It was a Umatilla elder who said -- on a local television program: "We were wrong to take money from the white man.  It stole our pride."

Limbaugh recognized all this early on, and began talking about it.  It enraged liberals.  The truth always does.  When he spoke the truth about the Left's phony soldiers, they decided to bring him down.

Once again, there is no such thing as a conservative who spits on soldiers.  There is no such thing as a conservative who wants to restrict your free speech.  There is no such thing as a conservative who wants an ever increasing cut of your paycheck.  And, there is no such thing as a liberal who isn't guilty of all three.

Rush Limbaugh was attacked for using his free speech and free press rights.  The leaders of the U.S. Congress you voted for, prompted and supported by our big media conglomerates and buckets of leftist organizations, signed a document that contained outright lies about this incident – clearly intending to threaten Limbaugh’s constitutional rights, not to mention his job.

Rush, the supreme boss with the spoken word, defeated them all with his actions -- not only with the money for the soldier's kids that the auction had generated, but also with an equal amount out of own pocket.  (Over two million dollars.) And, the number of liberal multi-millionaire U.S. Senators like the Nevada land speculator, Harry Reid, who are accepting his challenge to match his personal donation?

To date, the word is a number which begins with the letter "Z."  It has to do with their definition of compassion.


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