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How To Tell Your Left From Your Right
by Larry Leonard
   (Most recent edit on December 9, 2011)

November 23, 2011 -- The first thing you must remember is that human beings decide what things are called.  If they have unstated goals to achieve when they do it, you can end up with a cactus being called a daisy.  A recent example of that would be the liberal journalist who back a while assigned identities to the colors in the now-standard red-blue election maps.  

Red is the traditional color of the Left, not the Right.  The Roman god of war was Mars, which is also known as the red planet.  Blue, the color that reporter assigned to the Left, is associated with peace and tranquility -- truthfulness and sincerity.

In 2010, the map of America's middle reaches turned red, while north and south strips of the coastlines remained "true" blue. 

So, by reversing the natural, historical colors , that reporter hung the hammer and sickle's socialist revolutionary violence on the folks who leave clean streets, no broken store windows and no burning cars behind them when they express their opinions in public places.  The political color they (conservatives/Tea Party types) were assigned by the Left is a lie.

This feeds right into our essay, here.  If you shot the sheriff, and would like to blame it on an enemy who constantly tells the truth about you -- then you need to come up with some really good lies for the jury.

America has been shaped by the lies of the Left for more than a century.  Because of their skill at lying, at least half of our citizens don't understand that they live with smiling monsters, and their dupes.  (Some of them don't even know they are monsters.  When they look in the mirror, they see an angel.) 

Okay, off to work we go.  The job this time, in this essay, has to do with the meaning behind a nasty name.

People are calling other people fascists.  When you look at the meaning of the word, then look at the actions of the people being tarred and feathered, the two just don't go together.  I have been a writer for fifty years.  What the Lefties are doing may be compared to calling an eagle a slug.  This attempt to degrade the reputations of certain groups by certain other groups requires the jury (you and I) to ask just what the hell is going on, here?

To get the right answers, you have to ask the right questions

Pythagorean mathematics, the formula for the elements of a right triangle, popcorn and pigeons are true.  They are "facts."  Facts are often important to trials.  Which is worse, a desire for financial success or a determination to achieve power? That is a matter of opinion. People who like money can have selfish motives, but more often than not just want to take care of their family, and are glad that in the process they can provide good jobs for people they don't even know.  But, people who have a lust for power? There's fertile ground for selfish motives. 

Some ideas contain colder steel than a sword.  Some people may claim they don't, but actually do, believe frogs can turn into princes.

Take this word "fascist," for example ...

What does this flag stand for?  In other words, if you took down Old Glory and raised this flag over the nation's public buildings, how would things change?  Well, as it did when Hitler took power in Germany, the government would control the economy, the media and the schools, then would begin to freely take any property from anybody, without compensation.  You could be arrested for protesting these things out loud.  Put in jail for (as in many Islamic nations, today) practicing an unapproved religion, for failing to work at the job the government assigned to you, for trying to defend people who are not approved of by the government, and for refusing to stuff such people into cattle cars so that they can be railroaded to concentration camps for re-education, slave-labor or elimination.

(Adolf Hitler, whose early days in Vienna were a bohemian quest for recognition as an artist, designed that flag, just above.  Red was the traditional color that identified the prime "social" quality -- blood. (Loyalty to your own blood.) The white usually represents purity, but in Hitler's case indicated which blood was being celebrated in his banner.  In Hitler's case, it was Caucasian blood. (Aryan racial purity) The swastika had to do with the singular dedication to their purpose of monks who ran a school he attended as a child.  An ancient version of that swastika was carved in stone above the front door of that building.)

Now, here's a question for you and my sister.  When big liberal American media, educators and politicians describe the Tea Party people as "right-wingers" and "fascists," do you think they (the Tea Party types) want to do the things described in the paragraph next to that Nazi flag, above?  Do the Tea Party types you've seen on television strike you as folks who want a super-powerful, centralized-government run by a military dictator who can put millions of Americans in concentration camps?

Or, is it your impression that what they want is less government in their lives?

Ipso Fatso

Here is a flag you often see during Tea Party marches.  In colonial America, it was waved by people who didn't like being bossed around by a royal bigshot.  Some of them, while objecting to the policies of the bigshot, threw a bunch of tea into a bay.  It helped start the American Revolution.

Below, a poster about another kind of revolution.

Now that you've had some time to consider these ideas, here's my take: in present-day American culture and politics, "Left" doesn't mean what they say it means.  It actually means the following: centralized government power which uses a bureaucratic system to manage every corner of life they can.  Since that is exactly what Adolf Hitler did, exactly what Marx, Lenin and Stalin did, exactly what Mao did in China, what Castro did in Cuba and what the "dear leaders" have done in North Korea and various other nations on various other continents around the world -- why do the liberal media, education community and politicians connect Hitler to the conservative movement in this nation?

Public Relations

"Fascism" was called "national socialism" by Hitler, himself, and in the beginning of the Second World War, Germany and the Russian communist state -- typically described in liberal books and documentaries as an enemy of fascism -- were (how odd) allies.  (It had to do with power.  The Left is always about power.) Stalin changed sides when Hitler's troops began to cross every national border in Europe, including Russia's.  There's more history here, related to Poland, which bordered both Germany and Russia, but I'll leave that out, here.

Knowing that you weren't taught these things in your American public school system, the American liberal who isn't just a dupe, and actually does know he is lying, will tell you that Progressive policies are good and free and helpful and it would be good and safer for the children if you joined the kind, thoughtful friends of theirs when you vote.  (University professors, big labor, Hollywood and most of the people in journalism, these days.) But, over there on the right. you are told, is where you'll find those selfish, evil, rich people who won't admit where they hide their Nazi flags, but they have them.

Why do liberals say those things?

Everybody has seen the WWII death camp news photos and film.  To have any chance of taking over your life and your property, these liberals have to do the public relations thing and blame those camps on somebody else.

Fact: the only concentration camps ever created in North America were funded by taxpayers,  and built by Democrats.  (For Germans during WWI, by Woodrow Wilson, and for Japanese during WWII by Franklin Delano Roosevelt.)   We're not talking about camps for prisoners of war, soldiers, here.  We're talking about concentration camps, for specific national population segments and/or political enemies.  No Republican has ever done that.  Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Woodrow Wilson and FDR have done that. The Commie Camps were worse than the American President's camps, but at bottom, the principle is the same -- civilians put in government concentration camps.

Hootsies did it to Tootsies (or the other way around, and probably spelled differently) in Africa.  North Koreans do it to political enemies, today.  Stalin created the Gulag (a chain of concentration camps for the politically incorrect Russian citizenry). 

Fact: there is obviously something odd going on in Oregon and America these days.  Somebody is trying to hang the name, fascism, on people who stand for exactly the opposite in the way of government.  So the people who are in charge of telling you what things mean (public broadcasting, the MSM, the teachers in your public schools and the professors in your colleges and universities) either don't know that a clam is a clam, or they want you to believe that some clams are clams, but other clams are zebras.

Motive?  Why would a woman who used to be a prostitute hide the fact from the rich man who thinks she just left a convent, and wants to marry her?   I think, in this case, it has to do with the first punch in a fist-fight.  They have been sneaking up on you for decades, trying to get in a knockout punch without you even knowing there was anger in the air.  But, lately the Tea Party types have arisen.  In the last national election, they set socialism back. There's a motive for blacklisting, for you.  People who tell the truth can cause trouble for liars.

Here is the truth about the Left:  liberal/ progressive/ socialist/ communist/ fascist.
If this is not so, and you admit that Hitler hated Jews, and that his Nazi Party murdered millions of Jews during WWII, explain why the communists in both Russia and China, today, are helping Iran develop all their weapons systems, including nuclear capacity.  Iran is on record, in public statements demanding the destruction of Jews in Israel and everywhere else in the Middle East. 

I repeat, all the collective "isms" from liberalism to fascism are ideologies of the Left. Different degrees of the same thing.  If you are an American liberal, wake up today and face the above facts.  The first one in the list above is a leech.  The last one in the list is a twenty-foot crocodile.  From liberal to fascist, they are beasts that swim in the same waters.  The only difference between the forms is how much power they have, at the moment.  This is why they had to break off the last stage, and assign it to those who are actually fighting against being ruled by dictators and freedom-throttling bureaucracies. 

To pull off this false re-designation the "progressives" had to own the schools, the history book authors and publishers, the media and all the major literary, journalism and entertainment awards groups.  It took them decades, but eventually they got the tools they needed to do the job.

"Right Wing," when attached to "conservative," you have been taught for decades, means "racist," "imperialist" and most of all, "fascist."

Nothing could be further from the truth.

When you see a television documentary about the Nazi concentration/death camps, and look at the skeletons in the cremation furnaces, remember this essay about that lie.  The Holocaust did happen, but it wasn't Ronald Reagan types who did it.  Fascism is of the Left.  It represents the most power a liberal could attain over other people's lives. It has murdered more than fifty million children in America in the last fifty years -- one of whom was mine.  Part of my hatred for liberals is personal.

Of late, observing the attitude of the American Left toward Israel, I have thought that they must be feeling very confident to act that way, again. (Do you know what Stalin, Lenin and other Lefties have done to Jews, blacks and homosexuals in their nations, historically?)  The last national election here (2010) should have caused caution in the minds of the traditional Jew-haters, Jim Crow Democrats and anti-Christian liberals. Did you see the anti-Jewish signs in the "occupy" demonstrator mobs?.  Maybe the next election. will awaken them to the danger they face.  Tea Parties are chock full of Christians, and half their bible was written by Jews. Christians started and ran the Civil War underground railroad that unchained so many African slaves.  Republicans fought for black rights after the Civil War Democrats created Jim Crow.

Ken's "Congress"   (American Blacks are shocked by this piece.)

The goose-steppers of the world are left-footed, not right-footed.


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