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College Football Arrives Early This Season
Scheduling May Doom Duck 2008 Top 10 Grid Aspirations

Action Sports Heroes Cavort at Rose Quarter
(Skateboards and
motorcycles August 21-24)

Let the Games Go On
(June -- A letter to a newspaper about the China Olympic fuss.)
Oregon, Arizona State Top Pac10 Spring Drills | '08 Pac10 Recruiting Results Favor ASU,
Oregon, UCLA
| Grid Coaching Derby Enlivens Pac10 Scene    Pac10 2008 Grid Play
Promises Fireworks
  | PSU Viking Gridders Show Spring Promise

July 07  Oregon Enjoying Athletic Revival
June07 P-town Sports Have Renaissance in Sight
May07  Viking Football Revival Receives Mixed Review
April07 Mouse Returns to Join PSU Football Revival
March 07  PSU Grid Program Given New Life  (Pigskin Pete is delighted!)
February 07 Ducks Grid Recruiting Among Nation’s Top 10  (Endless autumn)
January 07:  Beavers Earn Redemption, Ducks Create Disaster  (Pete reacts to bowl games, etc.) Pigskin Surprise: Oregon Connections Shine In Fiesta Bowl Spectacular


December:  Ducks, Beavers Making Minor Bowl Appearances   |  Subject: FW: grid matters     Date:  Fri, 15 Dec 2006 21:32:24 +0000 
November:  Pac10 Shaken Up By Beaver Gridders   |   Surprise! UO, OSU Even in Pac10 Race   |   Reality Returns To Oregon Elevens
October 2006 was hard on Pete:  UO, OSU Grid Results Show Sharp Contrast   |   (Here's what he had to say about this extraordinary football season in September. Here We Go Again!...Colleges Ready For Some Football    (plus early update)   |  Pigskin Pete: Mid-October Update: Grid Season Halfway, What’s Happening?  Pigskin Pete: Late-October Update  Pac10 Football’s Current Status   Pigskin Pete: Very Late-October Update Ducks Done In, Beavers Alive

Some earlier columns:  Football Forecasters Show Unusual Unanimity  (July)   | OK, So What’s So  Great About Soccer?   (June)  | College Grid Season Ends With Classic   (January)


Ducks Victimized Again by BCS
Fearless Grid Forecaster Says "Told You So"
Oregon Ducks Face Major Grid Hurdle
Ducks Lose Fortitude, Fail to Justify Forecast  (Post USC game thoughts)
Fearless Grid Forecaster Proves Perspicacity So far for 2005
Fearless Football Forecast Precedes Pac 10 Season
Pac 10 Spring Grid Drills Lead to Fearless Forecast
Sports Scene Survey As Off-seasons Begin
Beaver Grid Program Continues to Implode
Oregon State Football Needs Better Leader
Oregon Schools Score Well In Prep Recruiting Efforts
Oregon Celebrates National Gridiron Championship

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