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Hans Zeiger:   www.savethephillyscouts.org

You may be aware that the Philadelphia City Council recently told the
Boy Scouts to leave their local headquarters building in the city
unless they can pay market rent or change their membership policies.
Even though the Scouts built the building 80 years ago and kept it up
on city property deeded to them for $1 per year "in perpetuity," the
Scouts will probably be moving out of their building on May 31.

The Pennsylvania primary election is on April 22. We're asking
Americans who support the Boy Scouts to sign a petition to the
Pennsylvania media, calling on them to ask the candidates at local,
state, and federal levels about the Boy Scouts. From city councils to
Congress and the presidency, our politicians can either affirm the
Boy Scouts or they can side with the ACLU and other groups that are
attacking the Scouts.

The ACLU tried to stop a military base from holding the Boy Scout
Jamboree. The ACLU has worked to get Boy Scouts out of our schools and
public parks. And one presidential candidate said that if elected he
would renounce the title of Boy Scouts honorary president.

We need to make the attacks on Scouting an issue in this election.

Please go to www.savethephillyscouts.org and sign your name on our
petition to Save the Philly Scouts. Then place a link to
www.savethephillyscouts.org on your website, and forward this on to
your friends.

Thank you - Hans Zeiger

(ED: Hans Zeiger, presently a college student, was writing columns for Oregon Magazine, and newspapers in Seattle, when he was a teenager.  When he finishes his education and is turned loose on the world of words, he is going to generate some noise.  We here at OrMag are going to sit back and enjoy.)