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January 25, 2008 –  This mystery -- why what has happened -- cannot be explained in a slogan which can be printed and stuck to an automobile bumper.  It is part of a tale about a journey which began at what some call the gates of the Garden of Eden.  It is a component of a story about dreams.  About adventurers and those who peek out the window.  About those who seek and those who seek to hide. 

Most of the citizens of this state don’t even know what just happened.  Many of those who have heard the news reports have no idea what it means. What, you ask, is happening?  Another step in the takeover of your life.  In this specific case, the confiscation of your freedoms and the money you earn, all in the name of a fantasy -- a mass American and world hysteria.  A  war against an enemy which has not even been proven to exist.

It's about shaping nature

First, there were the pagans. Men who worshipped the winds, the sun, the stars in the night sky.  Then, in the region that now includes Iraq, but then was called Mesopotamia,  men ceased their nomadic wanderings and began to irrigate and cultivate crops. How could a mammal do something no mammal had ever done before?  Because all of a sudden a kind of man appeared who had an abstract intellect. 

I call him Homo Agricolae. Anthropologists call him Homo Habilis.  He not only used natural materials as tools, like the sea otter breaks open shells on a rock on his stomach – he went one critical step farther.  He used one rock to shape another rock, to make it more efficient.

Not the tool user, but the tool maker.

Over the centuries, driven by this abstract brain, they fashioned written lauguage, science and the concept of self-government.  In the west of the world, they turned from paganism to three great religions. Now, we have a fourth religion in the West.  And, not only in the West, but also in the west of the West, right here in Oregon. It is a strange religion. The strangest of all.  Similar to Islam, it converts with the sword -- in this case, the govenment sword called law and regulation. 

One expression of this new faith is called "environmentalism." 

They have infiltrated your schools and universities, your nation's media and your halls of government. They are disassembling the very fabric of your freedoms, and step by step, day by day, turning you into a slave.  And you are blithely supporting their actions because, for example in this case, you believe you are saving the planet.

The Oregon Global Warming Commission

State Energy Program: Oregon Creates Global Warming Commission  The commission will examine cap and trade systems, develop a strategy for educating the citizens of Oregon on global warming issues, and track the economic, ...

The energy office has been working with Governor Kulongoski for the past several years to develop the "Oregon Strategy for Greenhouse Gas Reductions."

The legislation also creates the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute within the Oregon University System. The institute will conduct climate change research and support the Global Warming Commission. Read HB-3543 online

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski signs HB-3543 in his office at the Oregon Capitol in early August. 

This is what I've been talking about, here. Government money paid politicians to pass this bill. Government money, your taxes, will finance these commissions and university activities.  Most Oregonians think there is a general consensis that says Homo Habilis has built too many tools, and is causing the world to grow dangerously warm. 

The fact is that this "general consensis" on man-caused global warming doesn't exist.

The Earth is, indeed, in a period of global warming.  A general, overall period of global warming, which includes periods of temporary global cooling like the mini-ice age in Europe a century or so back. The large scale period we are in, short periods of cooling aside, is the long term condition that caused the end of the last (the 11th known) ice age, after the glaciers expanded until they reached to the 45th parallel -- within site of our state capitol.

At that time, Portland, Oregon was under a hundred feet of ice.

The periods between ice ages are called "interstices." Humans had nothing to do with the end of any of the ice ages, including the last one.  The key "man caused" global warming gas which environmentalist are ranting about is carbon dioxide.  The "caps" the  text above refers to are carbon caps.  Limits on the amount of carbon Man puts in the atmosphere.

You exhale carbon dioxide.  Your lungs breathe in the atmosphere, take from it the oxygen you need, then release what is left back into the air around you. If you didn't, if all sorts of creatures didn't, all the plants on earth would die. You see, plants breathe in your carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.  That is, plants breathe carbon and you breathe oxygen.  Plants get what they need  from you and you get what you need from them.

It is the fundamental biological process of all life on Earth.

During geological ages when the carbon dioxide level was much higher than it is now, the Earth was a jungle.  Plants flourished.  When they died, they left their carbon in the ground, or on the bottom of warm, shallow seas.  We dig and drill for that carbon and use it in our coal-fired energy plants, our home furnaces and in our vehicles.

Does human activity cause global warming?

John Coleman, PhD, founder of the Weather Channel: "Global Warming is a Scam"

How bad is the current global warming?

Satellite Data Shows Temps FALLING Since 1998, declining to 1983 levels...

The solution

The battle here is not between Republicans and Democrats.  It is between conservatives and liberals.  Between facts and data being manipulated for political reasons -- and in many cases as a result of outright ignorance. 

In the end, this is a battle between those brilliant first farmers of Mesopotamia who decided like all forms of life to use what nature (God, to some people) gave them to provide for their families -- and on the other side, the liars, tellers of half-truths and demagogues of the American and Oregon Left who, in the name of the environment or your children, are daily adding new bars to the cage you don't know you're in -- and charging you for doing it.

Environmentalism in America today is a religion which picks and chooses its "facts," then presents them to the public within a framework of emotional messages.  The goal is the manipulation of the citizenry.  It has to do with power.  With control.

They want your money and control over your life.  They want to dictate everything that goes on in this state -- to change this state and this country into a place that Karl Marx would love.

They have most of the schools, most of the media, most of the government and most of you.  If you don't stop them, they will have everything and everybody.

Wake up, Oregon !!!

Politicians are in charge of our laws, and the majority of judges who are appointed. Fixing this and getting America and Oregon back on the right track is easy.  Elections are nigh. All you have to do is vote for conservatives.

Do it for the plants, and for the children.


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