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At last: How FDR Did it ...

(How the Stock Market crash of 1929 made it all the way to the Forties.)

October 1, 2011 -- The president's new jobs bill won't get past the T-Party types in the U.S. House of Representatives (thank God), but if somehow it does, it will stimulate failure. Thus, it is highly useful from an historic standpoint.  You see, for years I have been trying to figure out how Franklin Delano Roosevelt managed to turn the stock market crash of '29 into a recession that lasted for more than a decade.  Because the people of Oregon helped put BHO in the White House, we have now learned FDR's secret.  To turn a short recession into a great depression, all you need to do is to spend millions upon millions of government dollars protecting your friends and starving your enemies.

The point here has to do with who are actually your friends or enemies   In the case of liberal IProgressive/socialist/communist/fascist -- they're all just degrees of the same thing) Democrats and a few RINOs, the enemy is jobs.  Lots of private sector jobs is bad for dependency on government.  People can take care of themselves, which means they will often make decisions which would not please Lenin or Marx.

Roosevelt, even in his fourth term, was new to this process, and without knowing better, spent hundreds of billions to make roads, bridges to anywhere, subsidized agrucultural activity and various kinds of dams -- some for flood control, some for irrigation and some for power generation. You can tell this really beneficial stuff was a terrible mistake on his part because in the long run it helped the nation.  Liberals today despise highways because of all the cars, and are trying to remove all the dams.  How odd that they never criticize FDR for building so many of them in the first place.

(They blamed the Great Depression on Hoover, so why did they still name the dam after him?)

But, all these make-work Great Leaps Forward (Mao tse Tung loved those), did have a beneficial short term negative influence.  They reduced the amount of investment capital available to small businesses.  And this, my friends is the secret Progresssive key.

It turns out that you have to look at banks like you look at vehicles in your rear view mirror.  If they come up and slam into you, the very big ones will survive the crash.  The smaller ones will not.

It's about who wins, of course

This explains the front page financial anomaly of recent years -- BHO and both Houses of Congress (when his party still owned both of them) pumping trillions into the giant banks of America.  Bush began it, but you would expect a RINO to save the banks run by his college pals from Harvard, Columbia and Yale. But BHO, Pelosi and the cowby poet from Nevada?   It was just so shocking to see American liberal Democrats doing it.  Why, I kept asking, was the champion of American Euro-socialism, and his congressional pals, bailing out the financial scions who floor the evil giant corporations?  It was like watching Batman bailing out the Joker.

Now, I understand.  It makes perfect sense.  It's about what the two types of banks do.

The large international banks have been saved because large corporations are gigantic sources of Democrat campaign contributions and votes.  The big unions in companies like Boeing and the car manufacturers see to that.  (Guess why BHO's National Labor Relations Board is trying to keep Boeing from building a construction facility in the South.)   But, you say, those kinds of businesses only create 30% of American's jobs. How can they fight a big recession?  Aren't we trying to bring the national economy back?

Actually, BHO isn't trying to do that.  He's trying to be FDR.

To maintain an economic recession or elevate it into a full-blown depression, you have to wound or kill off the real source of jobs in America -- the private small business sector.

Those people generate 70% of the jobs in this country, and worse yet, very few of them are union jobs.  Where's the socialist control in a situation like that?  So, the real task is to bail out the big business banks while strangling the small business banks.

Power to the socialist people

Socialists are about central control -- bringing everything into a place where all is under the manipulative control of the Emperors of Progressivism.  If you are a liberal/Progresssive, since  you get your political money from the big corporate unions, your real job here is to bring down the folks who have lunch with their pals from the local Chamber of Commerce in Dublin, Ohio.

FDR, the liberals say, saved America from the Great Depression with his make-work, shovel ready, federally financed works projects.  Now we know that he was lucky.  It so happened that the giant shovel-ready projects of his era involved roads and hydroelectric dams that generated cheap power, food production irrigation and electricity for the dairy barns everywhere in America.  Through no fault of his own, he accidentally did long-term good.

It's called "unintended consequences," and in the case of liberals, it designates accidental good results from a federal expenditure.  In FDR's case, the idea was effective in the short run, at least.  It extended the Great Depression for many years.  (Check your history.  G.E. stock was back to it's pre-crash price one year after October of '29, while local towns continued to slide into economic oblivion.)

But all that big-construction stuff that actually, eventually helped was already here when BHO got his FDR chance.  A bit run down, perhaps, but all of it was already in place.  Some people were shocked when the BHO federal project thing didn't work, this time.  We're flat-lined, at best.  No recovery. This probably means Obama will become a celebrated, honored, beloved icon for the Democrats, just like FDR, but that will be a coverup.  In truth, in spite of his best efforts, his recession is nothing compared to the one FDR pulled off.


The Tea Parties. The rise of the FOX 

We'll offer our thanks to GW for being a cross-the-aisle Republican dupe.  If not for his ignorant failure to raise all bleeding, bloody hell about the Frank-Dodd legislation, we wouldn't have BHO.  That legislation forced banks to give housing loans to people who couldn't afford to buy a tent, and thus kicked off the entire present mess.  Except for GW's stupid leap into the bailout bin, and that real estate scam invented by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, I never could have figured it out.

And, thanks, as wel to BHO.  Without an FDR trillion dollar works boondoggle and the collapse of the local banks (and businesses) while the big money boys were chomping on horse's doovers in the dining room at the Obama White House, I would still be puzzling over the pieces. 

So, now we know what they've been doing, why they've been doing it and how they've been doing it. 

Our suggestion is that a sculptor of iron be commissioned to create a giant metal shovel out of scrap metal from the nearest junk yard to Washington, D.C.  Have the artist engrave BHO's face on the top of the blade and GW's face on the reverse side.  The handle can be made of willow wood, so it can bend with the prevailing political winds. Then, they can stick it in a bankrupt suburban real estate development just off a ways from the bureaucracies of the Capitol -- where everybody in Congress can see it from their government sinecures.

The symbolism is wonderful, because D.C. is an American Alice in Wonderland story.  Contrary to real American communities, roughly 60% of the jobs there are in government.  Maybe it's 80%. That means that most of the "private" jobs in town are secondary dependants whose revenues are modulated by politics.

American economic truth will be found away from that septic tank for flushed away tax dollars. You'll find truth in places that harbor Tea Parties.  Idaho, parts of the Dakotas, right-to-work Southern states, the mid-west -- that's where the answers are. There, if you try to take a citizen's property, and then give it to a friend of yours, the locals will stand by applauding while you get the crap kicked out of you.

It is our suggestion that in the coming elections, you kick the crap out of the socialists -- then applaud as you watch your national and local economies begin to spring back to life like the golden daisies of May.


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