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Midwest Mo and the Cheney Insurance Scam

November 27, 2007 – A few days back, a man named "Mo" called the Rush Limbaugh program, complaining that while criticizing liberals, Limbaugh never pointed out the flaws of Republicans.  Specifically, he asked why Rush had never discussed the administration’s 911 conspiracy.  (Some Americans believe that Bush knew the World Trade Center would be destroyed prior to the event, and hid it from the American public. At last, we know why.)

Mo, who lives in Ohio, referred to the evidence supporting the charge, including facts brought out in the subsequent trial of Condoleeza Rice, and the pre-attack purchase by Vice President Dick Cheney of insurance on the buildings which went down.

You read that right.  Nobody in the national media reported the Rice 911 trial, which means that the procedures took place in secret.  And nobody in the national media has been able to find records of that trial in the years since Mo's source, an internet article most likely, broke the news of it.  The Rice trial records have been destroyed, or are being kept locked up in the glove compartment of President George Bush’s pickup on his Texas ranch.

We’ll set aside the odd idea of an invisible trial of a Bush Administration official known all around the planet.  If Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Harry Reid (D-Nev) can’t get those trial records, we certainly can’t.  What is really interesting here is how Cheney, knowing that Islamic terrorists were going to hijack commercial airliners and fly them into those skyscrapers,  "sold short" by purchasing insurance on structures which were owned, if memory serves, by the New York City Port Authority and a few other government bodies.  

That would be like Harry S. Truman buying insurance on the city of Hiroshima, Japan before he ordered the Enola Gay to drop an atomic bomb on it.  Can a private citizen of Paris, France buy insurance on the Eiffel Tower?  Can a private citizen of Italy buy a policy on the Leaning Tower of Pisa? (I always want to spell that "pizza.")  What a shame I didn't have a policy on the top of Mt. Saint Helens before the eruption.

The key question here is the name of the insurance company that sold the World Trade Center policy to Vice President Cheney. We at Oregon Magazine would like to purchase insurance on America the day after Hillary Clinton is elected president.


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