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29 Year Old Children? 
5 Grand a Month?

8:15 A.M., October 15, 2007 Ė It happened just minutes, ago.  The fellow named Vic Ratner said that there likely will be an attempt to overthrow the Presidentís veto of the bill described by liberals who love Nancy Pelosi as the Poor, Shivering, Weeping, Big-eyed Childrenís Healthcare bill. (October 22 update Ė they tried and couldnít pull it off.  Hooray !!.)

Anyway, Mr. Ratner was speaking to Mr. Paul Linnman.

Mr. Linnman, tears for the poor children probably surging in waves down his KEX 1190, pre-Rush-hours local radio show cheeks, expressed concern.  Publicly, of course, that would be concern about "the children." 

(Spoken by liberals eight million times a day across the nation.  One of the Three Great Liberal Baits: "for the children," "for the environment" and "for the economically disadvantaged."  "Poor" doesn't do it, anymore.  It just says "without money."  They need something that says being poor is somebody else's fault, and we should use taxes -- socialist redistribution recommended by Karl Marx -- to create a Robin Hood society: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.)

Now, what was odd about the conversation between Linnman and Ratner -- perhaps satirized a tiny bit above -- is that not once during this chat did either the nationally-known Ďbroadcast journalist" or the locally famous "broadcast journalist" mention why the President of the United States vetoed that piece of legislation.

Not once.  Get the tape of this morningís broadcast from the KEX archives before somebody loses or alters it, and you can hear for yourself.  Not once.

Now, why did Bush veto this bill to provide health care for  poor children?  Because as written by the Democrats, it provides health care for 29-year-old children from families with an income of $60,000 (one congressional translator said itís $80,000) dollars a year.

You see, Bush is so stupid that he doesnít know that 29-year-old humans are children.  (Donít tell anybody, but I didnít know that, either.)  And, idiot that Bush is, he thinks families making  five (one congressional  translator says itís seven) thousand dollars a month -- arenít poor.  (Donít tell anybody, but I thought the same thing.) 

Paul Linnman is a journalist?

Why, oh, why, people of my beloved Oregon, do so many of you listen to these liberals?  Why do you vote for their pals?  Is it because you are 29, still children and trying to get by on poverty level family income of only five thousand dollars a month?


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