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Climate not warmer, says Harvard
(What follows is a series of excerpts from a report in the London Telegraph)

A (Harvard!) review of more than 240 scientific studies has shown that today's temperatures are neither the warmest over the past millennium, nor are they producing the most extreme weather - in stark contrast to the claims of the environmentalists.

They also confirm claims that a Little Ice Age set in around 1300, during which the world cooled dramatically. Since 1900, the world has begun to warm up again - but has still to reach the balmy temperatures of the Middle Ages.
The timing of the end of the Little Ice Age is especially significant, as it implies that the records used by climate scientists date from a time when the Earth was relatively cold, thereby exaggerating the significance of today's temperature rise. 

(OMED: Exactly as we have said all along, so-called "global warming" as described by certain sectors of the environmental movement is junk science -- and more importantly intentionally misleading.  These groups infest the Democratic Party.  Their actual goals are other than they purport.  They are redistributionist leftists, and if you want proof of that, read the Kyoto Accords which our marvelous President Bush flatly rejected, and for which rejection he has been severely criticized by America's, and Oregon's, mainstream media.  It is such a terrible ripoff, that treaty, that even Senate Democrats who would have dearly loved to support it have not.  If you people out there ever truly understand what is in these Kyoto Accords and notice that Oregon Public Broadcasting  enthusiastically defends and promotes it, you will string up everybody who works for the system.)

Dr Philip Stott, the professor emeritus of bio-geography at the University of London, told The Telegraph: "What has been forgotten in all the discussion about global warming is a proper sense of history."
According to Prof Stott, the evidence also undermines doom-laden predictions about the effect of higher global temperatures. "During the Medieval Warm Period, the world was warmer even than today, and history shows that it was a wonderful period of plenty for everyone."

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