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$80 a Gallon Gasoline?

October 19, 2007 -- Diesel is now in the four dollar per gallon range -- and not far from five.  With some trucks, that'll soon come to a thousand dollars to fill their tanks with this byproduct from the creation of the gas you burn in your car. The ditzes on Portland's NBC affiliate, Channel Eight, were feeding their audience a load of baloney about it tonight, but that's not news.  There is no local channel where you can see and hear the truth about this.  FOX national is a good source for national and international news, but the local Portland affiliate, KPTV (Channel 12) is, like its fellow broadcast outlets in Portland, no last destination for those starved for the truth about gasoline prices. (Or much of anything else, for that matter.)

The eternal side question here is: are these "journalists" ignorant, lazy dupes of the Oregon socialist Left, or do they intentionally misinform their various audiences in order to further their anti-capitalist, anti-American goals?  My vote is for the first of the two possibilities. Misinformation is what they were taught. Almost all of them were "educated" in American public schools.  As the twig is bent, etc.

Getting back to the main theme, here, they credit present gasoline prices to the war in the middle east or some other equally ridiculous cause.   Because they feed you this load of leftist fairy tales day in and day out, you are about to start blaming George Bush for the coming price inflation of hundreds of other things, like groceries, when George Bush didn't have a thing to do with the problem.

For those few Oregonians who can still use their brains after years of big media (including your local paper, in most cases) "news" bunk, here's the truth.  I've said a lot of this stuff before, in this and other publications, and will continue doing so until I win.

As of this date, stretching back for decades, not one new petroleum refinery has come on line and is pumping out gas and diesel in America.  Not one, since the Seventies.  There is one under construction, we are told by some story sources.  If so, then when it begins operation, it will be the first to do so since the Presidency of James Carter -- the Nobel Peace prize winning father of record American inflation, economic stagnation, stupidity in the face of Islamic terrorism, the giveaway of the Panama Canal and mile long gas station waiting lines.  You read that last item right.  If you're under thirty, you missed it. Mile long lines of cars waiting to get to the gas pumps.  In Oregon.

What caused those lines then, and these prices now?   The voters of Oregon and states dominated by the same philosophy.  All that happened then and is happening now is the direct result of the people most of you voted for in elections.

We wonder if you have a limit to what you'll take in the name of the environment. 

To say it in more descriptive terminology, you've squeezed the petroleum pipeline more and more, every election, for the last thirty years.  You've shut down the development of known North American offshore oil reserves and you’ve shut down the development of the same thing on land.  When you voted for Jimmy Carter, you shut down our access to Iran's voluminous reserves.  When you watched Venezuela's government become a leftist dictatorship, you sat there with your latte while another source of oil began to goose-step over the horizon. 

When you were pleased about all this -- happy about the closed processing plants, glad that limitations were put on petroleum development on the North Slope, delighted that the deposits off the coast of Florida, Louisiana,  Texas and the coast of California were put in a box labled "Open in case of invasion by Martians" -- one had to admire your environmental determination to pay six bucks for a gallon of milk. 

What does engine fuel have to do with the price of milk?

Nearly everything you live in, use at work, wear, change channels on, use to reel in a fish, stand on to ski down a hill, drill holes in wood with, drive or eat comes to you in a truck.  Much of it starts out on a container ship, transfers to a train, then reaches your local store in that truck.  Ships, trains and trucks have engines which burn fuels distilled from petroleum.  The price of everything around you in your life is affected by that fact.  Yet, even realizing that, you vote for politicians whose careers are dedicated to raising the cost  of fossil fuels until the meter on the pump doesn't have enough slots to display the price. 

I recall the Fifties gas wars. Oil companies were competing for customers.  You remember "competition," I suppose.  It used to be in all the books about capitalism when capitalism wasn't a dirty word in America.  During those competitions, gas sold for ten cents a gallon.  Along came the sixties and the politicians of every governmental bureau in sight tried to figure a way to get a slice of each gallon for themselves. Then came the seventies and  Jimmy Carter and a Democrat congress, closing down or refusing to open up new resources, slamming the door on refinery construction and so in the end, clamping down the gas hose at both ends and in the middle.

That is known as "restricting" supply in capitalist economic jargon. The theory, popularly referred to as "Supply and Demand," says that if you reduce the supply or increase the demand on a given (fixed, unchanging) supply, prices go up.

Today, at three bucks a gallon, compared to how much it cost me to fill the tank in my dropped to the deck 1950 Ford Custom with the cosmically sweet twin glasspak mufflers, that's thirty times more -- on my calculator if I put the numbers in the right places, a titanic 2,900% increase.  At this rate, in less than four decades when today's mid-twenty-year-old workers retire, a gallon of gas will cost $80.00.

Most Oregonians say technology will save the day -- inventing new engines which use new fuels, ending our dependance on the evil hydrocarbon.  Certainly, their princes and princesses of the mainstream media believe that, or else why the ongoing villification of the producers of the fuel on which America's entire economy -- hell, the modern world's economy -- depends?

In spite of my dislike of these people, I hope to God they're right.  But, even if they are, it will take some time for this new green miracle vehicle to power container ships and trains, and get into the garages of a hundred and fifty million American families.  In the meantime, if you don't vote for politicians who will open up known reserves to development, and who make it financially possible for a dozen or more refineries to be built around the country, fairly close to the heaviest population pockets, you're going to see the price of everything you need and want shoot up like the Space Shuttle, clear out of sight.

When, only a few years down the road, gasoline reaches six dollars a gallon and diesel crosses the eight dollar mark -- don't blame George Bush.  If you're an Oregon liberal who has for years voted for liberals, take a long, hard look into a mirror.


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