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A Global Warming consensus?

July, 2007 -- During the Middle Ages, the fleas on rats joined the merchants on the new trade routes from the East, eventually visiting the Black Death (at least two types of Bubonic Plague, plus a virus similar to Ebola)  on Italy, France, Spain, Germany and England, among other nations of Europe.

The scientific consensus of the day had it that this most prolific killer of humans in history originated in a ‘miasma."  (My-azz-ma)  Think of this as a kind of fog.

Today, according to the world's liberals – idiots to a man  and woman – the cause of global warming is due to, or partly due to, human-generated activies.  I refer to liberals as idiots because of a personal lifelong love of science.  If liberals had any interest in the subject, at all, they would know that "consensus"  (essentially a popularity poll about this or that idea) has nothing to do with the basic rules of science.

Miasma didn’t cause the Black Death.  The fact that virtually all the "scientists" and "doctors" of the Fourteenth Century believed miasma was the cause was irrelevant. 

At one time, we were told in school, many if not most of the world’s "scientists" believed the Earth was flat. One man, a Captain Columbus, proved that the opinions of many if not most experts of that time were baloney. 

The proof is in the pudding

Leonard's Law states that the number of people who believe a thing does not prove a thing.  It is possible for one person to be dead right and ten million people dead wrong.  Understanding this, we want you to understand something else – there is scientific doubt about what our world climate is doing. 

Some scientists say, "Of course the Earth is warming.  It is coming out of the last ice age.  It has done that many times, before, when there weren’t enough people on the planet to populate a small town in New Hampshire."

Other scientists say, "Sorry, but the Earth is not warming up.  It’s warming up in places, and cooling off in places.  If you take temperature measurments in the right places, add them together and averaage them out, you can 'prove' any damned thing you want."

Yet other scientists say, "Okay, let's assume that these temperature measurements are accurate, and the Earth is warming.  Let’s further assume  that Man is contributing to or even causing this warming.  Now, since space vehicles have shown global warming on other bodies floating around our sun, what is causing that?  There are no SUV’s on Mars.  Why has its south polar ice cap been shrinking?"

In conclusion:

The greatest plague to ever visit Mankind was not the Black Death.  It is liberalism, which destroys the human intellect while leaving the body behind to bother people.

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