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Unmasking the "Gay" Agenda   by J. Matt Barber

OMED Comment: The above piece is a good start.  It gets to the heart of things.  For decades, unhappy people have been the target of the worldwide socialist movement.  From naturally ignorant and eminently usable high school and university students to minority groups like  homosexuals, they have tapped the energy and anger available, providing support and direction which appeared to champion "causes" from marriage "justice" to the protection of  animal species.  This victim-based socialist approach always -- incidentally, of course -- just happens to attack the family, the Christian values which brought this nation to world prominence in just two centuries, the U.S. Constitution and capitalism.

We publish Mr. Barber because others in Oregon won't.  Freedom of the Press, to a socialist, means freedom of the socialist, government-controlled press.  They hate Barber because his work does not support the liberal party line.  He is opposed to the destruction of America by propaganda twists aimed at using constitutional protections whose original purpose was to protect citizens from government -- to turn those protections into chains weilded by a goose-stepping fascist government which rules America..

There is a conspiracy in America.  At times, designated as "Liberalism" or "Progressivism," it is on the front page.  It has existed since the early twentieth century.  It's leaders were Fabian Socialists -- or people who acted like them.  In time, their gatherings became meetings which selected candidates for the Democratic Party of America.  When Ronald Reagan was asked why he left the Democrats, he said that he didn't.  The Democrats left him.

Today that political party (along with RINO politicians who infect the Party of Lincoln) has about reached bottom.  It's ruling cadre stinks to high heaven of socialism, which is what created the Tea Party Movement.  The essays here, mostly columns by Matt Barber, describe the tactics and results generated by mostly university-educated socialist dupes.

Barber, and the other conservative writers who work in this arena do not hate homosexuals.  If they are Christians, these writers are commanded by their religion to love homosexuals, and if nothing else are trying to get the "gay" community to stop selling out America to the political descendants of Karl Marx. .

   Top "Gay" Organization Comes Clean: "HIV is a gay disease"    |   Epidemic Feared — “Gays” May Spread Deadly Staph Infection to General Population   |   MRSA Outbreak Among ‘Gays’ — Let the Whitewash Begin   |  Shoving Homosexuality Down Your Children's Throats  (and forcing you to pay for it)     |   Grim Reaping — Do You Really Know Roe?    |   “Gay” Activists to Perform Cheap Political Stunt  Over “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”  ( Except to the psychologically obsessed, taking out Islamic terrorists outranks political correctness.)   |   "My books are about killing God," says the source for this kid's movie: The "Golden Compass" Has no Moral Compass  On the other hand: Bella the Movie: the next Passion of the Christ?    (Which is a new film that gives Hollywood the shivers.)   |  “Gays” Mock Jesus with Last Supper Take-Off     (CWA essay: Sodom and Gomorrah in San Francisco)   |   Matt Barber on the ENDA Reason     (Using politically correct law to force cultural acceptance of extreme behavior.)   |   Gutsy Mayor Exposes National "Gay" Public Sex  Scandal    (CWA essay  -- Florida mayor displays common sense and a total disregard for political correctness.)   |    Illinois School Pushes Smut on Children   (Is this junk on your child's reading list?)

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