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(Referring to comments by Neal Boortz

   Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 13:31:04 -0700 
   From: Craig Flynn <ortem@comcast.net> 

Drudge sends us today to an article from the Guardian in London.  It seems that the folks at Wikipedia now have the ability to track who is making online changes to entries. 

Of interest is the fact that it has been determined that someone used a computer inside the headquarters of the Democrat Party to alter the entry for Rush Limbaugh on Wikipedia. The Democrat operative edited the entry to describe Limbaugh as "idiotic" and "ridiculous," and said that his listeners were "legally retarded." 

And, of course, there's more! Investigators have also found that someone using a computer at The New York Times edited the entry for President Bush by adding the word "Jerk." 

Why bring this up? Just to tell you that if some conservative did this to the entry for a liberal icon on Wikipedia .. for instance, if someone were to alter Ted Kennedy's entry to describe that moment where he was wandering up and down a dirt road worrying about his political career while Mary Jo Kopechne suffocated in the back seat of his car, it would be surely labeled "hate speech" by the left. 

Remember, only conservatives are capable of hate speech.

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