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Shooting Oneself in One's Own Foot
    by   "Jimmy L. Cash"  Brigadier General, USAF, Ret.

February 1, 2008  --  This ditching of McCain is going to put Hillary Clinton in the Whitehouse.  Ross Perot put Bill in the Whitehouse, and Rush Limbaugh and crowd is going to do the same for Hillary.  
John McCain is going to be the Republican nominee.  I lay odds that a deal has been struck between he and Huckabee.  Huckabee will stay in the race until after Super Tuesday to draw votes from Romney, which will insure the nomination for McCain.  In turn, Huckabee will be the running mate as VP.
Now, I am not a McCain fan.  My only support for him comes from his strong support of an honorable conclusion to the war in the Middle-East.  Otherwise, I dislike much of what he has supported in past years.  However, I would vote for my Pug dog before I voted for Hillary Clinton, or Obama.  When you view eight years of Hillary, followed by eight years of Obama, just how bad does McCain look in comparison?  I plead with you to help get the Republicans off McCain's back.  Let the election flow.  I honestly think Romney could get the country back on track in eight years, but I am afraid that HE CANNOT BEAT HILLARY AND OBAMA.  He can't even beat McCain.
Here is what is about to happen, and none of us are going to like it.  The Rush's, for what ever reason, are going to turn the Republicans off to the point the Republican turnout is going to be small.  The Dems are going to have a record turnout for the first woman and first black in history.  If we destroy McCain, it will be a runaway win for the Democrats.  If we unify for McCain, he is the only one out there that can beat Hillary.
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is our gun and our foot.  I will never forgive Rush Limbaugh for what he has done to this election.  He is giving it to Hillary, and when it happens I hope we all remind Rush on a daily basis how we feel.
We can stop this.  Ask everyone you know to sit back and let the process work.  Then whoever is nominated as the Republican candidate, let's get together and vote against Hillary, and in massive numbers.  If a miracle occurs, and Romney is our nominee, let's unite in numbers and elect him President.  If McCain is the nominee, let's unite and elect him President.  WE MUST STOP FIGHTING AMONG OURSELVES!!!!!
Folks, talk it up out there, and let's get our heads on straight before it is too late.  Thanks for your help.   -- Jim Cash

© 2008 Jim Cash