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 Blue Oregon: The Secular Theocracy

From Blue Oregon dot com on November 20, 2004: "If you earn our trust, ask us for gay equality, and we’ll give it."  ... represents an utterly reprehensible and morally repugnant mindset.  Patronizing.  Almost monarchical, as if rights were something to be bestowed on others by those in power only if and when those others treat us properly.  – The One True Blx  (OMED: Whoever Blx is.):

(Blue Oregon) Response: Unfair, Patronizing, Monarchical are all accurate, but irrelevant characterizatons.  The fact is that those who hold power are the ones who dispense it.  That’s the ugly truth.

The above text, taken from the cover page of an Oregon liberal forum frequented by some of our better-known "journalists," illustrates why George W. Bush is president and both houses of Congress have fewer liberal Democrats in residence.

If you read the words carefully, particularly in that second paragraph, you will see that they equate "rights" with "power."  Or, to put it another way, to them, "rights" are derived from "power." 

Concerning founding Constitutional purpose

Perhaps this strange political philosophy is a result of the progressive secularism which dominates the Democrats, these days.  There are no absolute truths.  God should stay in the closet and not bother people in public.  In the name of "separation of church and state," which is not found anywhere in the Constitution except to the eyes of liberals, and because they feel cramped by traditional societal rules of behavior, they have come to the place where the Bill of Rights is not a compendium of inalienable gifts from a Creator, but rather a list of boons from a benevelant bureaucracy.

This changes the Constitution from a document which protects citizens from government to one that describes rights which are available or not at the pleasure of government. 

Why a journalist would want to turn over the First Amendment to the government is beyond me, but (I must repeat) that is what happens when you say that Constitutional rights are dished out by those in power instead of being a right that comes from a place beyond the control of those in power.

Flyover county won't cooperate

Even Oregon liberals are saying that the party is in disarray, these days, though they take solace in the fact that Oregon turned left while the nation turned right.  But, disarray is the normal state for Democrats.  If memory serves, Will Rogers once said, "I'm not a member of an organized political party.  I'm a Democrat."

So was Ronald Reagan, until the Democrat Party left him.

It did the same to me, and to legions of people like me, in the Sixties.  In time, however, the folks in flyover country grew weary of the products of the Left. High taxes, massive increases in social programs, all the political correctness crap, the degrading of morals, the virulent anti-Americanism, etc. That is why of the last six presidents (excluding Ford, who wasn't elected to the presidency), just two were Democrats.  That is why, in the early Nineties, the long control of Congress by Democrats came to an end, and the only way they could temporarily retake power in one of the houses was by convincing a recently-elected Republican senator, Jim Jeffords, to switch to independent registration and vote with them.  But, Bush did the impossible, and won Republican seats during the mid-term elections, retaking the Senate.  And, his recent coattails confirmed and reinforced that victory..

Nixon called them the "silent majority."  The press called them "Reagan Democrats."  Currently, they are residents of what liberals derisively call "Jeesusland."

Now, the Dems are quoting scripture because they believe that will convince people that they have "values," touted by their media as being an important problem for them in the recent election.  But, this, they will find, will fail.  The reason is that they have no idea what us Jeesusland rubes mean by the term.

Values, to us, means a whole company of ideas, not just biblical phrases.

Law and order.  Clean language.  Movies that aren't supported entirely by gratuitous violence and pornography.  Equal opportunity, not guaranteed equal outcome.  Respect for the flag.  Pride in our nation.  Respect for private property.  Self-reliance, and personal gain as a result of personal dedication and hard work.  Respect for marriage. 

A hard road, ahead

It's a uniquely American package, this values thing.  Jesus is only part of it, for some of us.  Tax cuts and fighting our enemies in their land instead of ours is part of it.  That's why so many of us liked JFK.  We knew he stole the election with dead union member votes from Chicago.  We didn't like his slutty personal habits.  (Everybody in the press knew about that.)  But, he wasn't a fake combat veteran, and stood up to the Soviets.  He was more like Truman than like McGovern.  A flawed, but pretty good leader.

The last pretty good leader Democrats had.

He knew about this values package I've been discussing here.  Except for people like Zell Miller, modern Democrats haven't the faintest.  Watching their current attempts to portray what they don't understand indicates the path they will take in the near term. 

The folks in flyover country will see through the fiction.  The Dems may pick up a win here and there, but on average the next two decades will probably  mirror recent decades (or even be more painful for them) because at the center of the package is the deeply held belief by a vast number of Americans that rights are not a result of power, but rather concepts that come from a much more elevated place, out of the reach of government, thank God.

To a liberal, God is Government.  The last thing all the odd folks like me want is to live in their secular socialist theocracy.


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